Avertic Armour is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art security panel providing ultra-light and effective protection against a range of power tools. Its unique properties allow it to be used across many security solutions such as cash-in-transit vehicles, panic room construction, military out buildings, secure room dividers, roller shutters and many more.

  • Designed to withstand attacks from drills, chainsaws, concrete cutters and grinders
  • Increase the security of armoured vehicles, security walling systems, doors, safe rooms, safes, roller shutters and many more security solutions
  • Can be used in domestic or commercial properties
  • Panels can be cut to any size or shape to meet your requirements
  • Space saving solution – panels are only 5-10mm thick
  • Minimal weight increase with panels being 1 – 1.5kg/pm2
  • Easy to apply and install
  • Can be installed as part of manufacture or as a retro fit solution
  • 4 different security levels to suit your security needs


The range of possible applications and attack methods means pre-order testing with Burton Safes is essential for correct product specification.