Security Doors

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  • Cerberus Vaults And Doors

    Cerberus Vaults And Doors

    • 1 product variation
    • Vaults are essential where a higher level of security is required for storing cash and valuables
    • Our Vaults are designed to suit your size and security requirements from Grade 1 to 13
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  • Janus Armoured Security Doors

    Janus Armoured Security Doors

    • 5 product variations
    • Interior and Exterior Armoured Doors
    • Safe, functional and elegant armoured security door for the home and office
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  • Kronos Security Doors

    Kronos Security Doors

    • 1 product variation
    • LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4 LPCB Tested and Certified Steel Security and Fire Doors
    • Certified Steel Security, Fire and Flood Doors For The Ultimate Protection.
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  • Metal+ Steel Security Doors

    Metal+ Steel Security Doors

    • 1 product variation
    • RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7 and AK47 Rated Security Doors
    • Certified Security, Fire, Blast and Bullet Resistant Doors
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  • Panzer Blast Doors

    Panzer Blast Doors

    • 1 product variation
    • PANZER Blast Proof Doors BT built in highly efficient design by means mixture of high-quality steel and reinforced concrete.
    • The BT1, BT2 and BT3 are swing doors with lateral hinges. The doors are tested under real conditions
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