Burton Safes Launches Covid Secure Installation Process

Our team have been busy creating safety measures over the last few weeks. These are designed to protect the consumer and our staff. Installation of our safes is essential for the rating to apply. As a result, our new measures will allow installs to be completed safely.

The video below shows how we comply with government advice.

What our engineers will do:

  • Will wear disposable PPE equipment
  • Will wear protective clothing at all times
  • Will provide I.D. so you can verify them
  • Will ensure they social distance at 2 metres
  • Will ensure they sanitize hands before and after each install
  • Will ensure PPE and overalls are put into sealed bags after each install

What Burton Safes will do:

  • Ensure that your safe is selected from the warehouse without contact
  • Deliver and track the delivery of your safe to the install team
  • Will ensure our engineers are properly trained

Added benefits of buying a Burton Safe product:

  • Our engineers are DBS checked for your peace of mind
  • Our engineers are Approved Master Locksmith 
  • Your safe will arrive in a discreet unsigned vehicle

What we ask from the consumer:

  • Follow the guidelines over social distancing and remain in another room where possible
  • Always advise if they self isolating, so that we can arrange an alternative date for the install to be completed

We believe as a leading trade safe and vault supplier, this offering is unique. We hope that this provides trust and confidence to the consumer. Removing a barrier to buying a Burton Safe. 

Our approach to an evolving situation will be adjusted to follow in line with government advice. We will update this page when our procedures change to keep our customers informed.

Short videos to promote this service are available for your website. Contact us today for more information.