Manage your keys with the KG Intelligent Key Cabinet. The iKMS is a fantastic and well priced system that will manage the access and usage of all your important & critical keys.

Set up the controls, parameters and monitoring that suits your business needs.

Let us help solve your key problems!

• 7 inch Full colour, touch screen
• Software built inside the Android system
• Face recognition, fingerprint, PIN, and user card access to each key
• Standalone plug & play solution with advanced RFID technology
• Module replaceable key slots
• Report export by USB or Email
• Supports English, German, French, Polish, Japanese and Russian
• Standalone or web version (optional)
• Cloud management and remote control (optional)


Why is it great?



Choose the access method to suit you from: PIN code, fingerprint, face recognition & RFID card. You can even create your own combinations to increase security.


The IKMS is highly customisable

Set up the controls, parameters and monitoring that suits your business needs.


Great price

The IKMS is highly competitive, offering affordable access control for your keys. There are no hidden add ons, no ongoing software costs, no upgrade costs. Just one simple system for all.


Easily link multiple cabinets onto one single account 

Link an unlimited number of cabinets to a single account, with common users and unique users by site or region.


Cloud based software

Easy live monitoring of the cabinets from anywhere in the world. No need to worry about installing software on your company networks.


After Sales Support

Professional installation service and 24/7 support packages available on request

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